UPC: A True Auburn Treasure

Free movies, haunted houses, concerts ad cooking workshops. The many things brought to you by our very own University Program Council. We always hear about the work they’re doing for us, but who are the people behind the events and why do they believe UPC is an Auburn treasure?

Coming from many colleges all across campus, UPC is made up of students of all ages and fields from Public Relations to Electrical Engineering. Whether it be a stepping stone to career aspirations or just a side hobby to gain experience, UPC is a fit for everyone and great way to become involved on campus.

According to Assistant Director of Major Entertainment Ashley Abbott, you can jump into UPC at any point throughout your college career, despite popular belief. UPC offers positions in many fields that include, but are not limited to, films, fine arts, major entertainment, public relations, publicity and speakers and comedians.

“It’s a great way to get real world experience in planning events, leading groups and attending meetings—everyone should apply,” Abbott said. “There are 11 committees and there is certainly a place for every personality type and skill set.”

Although Ashley’s work with UPC is a way for her to gain experience for her future career in public relations and marketing, not all members can say that. Director of Technical Productions, Hunter Thorington, works with UPC just as a side hobby and as a way to give back to his student community. He enjoys working with his team to put on different events for the student body and the added benefit of getting to put on productions such as Train and Need to Breathe.

Although UPC is not directly related to his future field, Hunter still manages to take something back from his work with the program. “I think the team-work, communication and leadership skills my job at UPC requires has helped me most prepare for a career as an electrical engineer,” Thorington said.


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