Get To Know

Things I Love

1. Lunch Club


Lunch Club is my 4 best friends. The name came about after we ate lunch together during fall 2014 (by lunch I mean spent 3+ hours in the Student Center every other day wasting time between classes). We do everything together and I’d be lost without them. We’re annoying and we know it. But what can you do, haters gonna hate; am I right?

2. Danceline


During my college years, I was on the Auburn University Danceline. The danceline is an entity of the marching band and I had the pleasure of serving as captain my senior year. I owe some of my favorite memories to danceline and I am so blessed to have been apart of this amazing team. I mean not many people can say they ran out of the tunnel in Jordan-Hare to 87,451 screaming fans. Pretty cool if you ask me.

3. Auburn


Who doesn’t love Auburn? It’s one of the best places on Earth. I’m thankful for this small town that’s given me more great memories than I deserve. And a whole heck of a lot of pictures with Aubie.

4. Cookies


Cookies are my absolute favorite. Chocolate chip to be exact, but I’m not biased. I hate to say I eat them every night, but it’s true. If I don’t manage to bake a few at the end of my day, I’ll sneak in a few chunks of cookie dough. I love cookies so much that my sign for our freshman orientation program in band was a giant cookie. If that’s not dedication then I don’t know what is.

5. Taking Naps


If you say you don’t like naps, you’re lying.

6. Miller


Miller is my dog of 11 years. He is without a doubt the fattest dog you will ever see, but that’s okay. We enjoy napping and taking selfies together. You’ll never meet a more photogenic dog than Miller, I can promise you that.

7. My Family


My family is one of a kind; there’s never a dull moment. We’re a pretty small family; it’s just me, mom and dad. You can usually find my mom and I telling my dad we’re “going to the store” and actually sneaking out to buy stuff to turn our dining room into a craft room… oops, sorry dad. But dad’s not so innocent either, he has two Klipschorn speakers that are meant for a concert hall… so in other words, when dad listens to music we ALL listen to music. Rock on dad.

8. The Lake


Smith Lake is the bomb. I’m there every summer whenever I have some free time. Swimming, late nights by the water and boat trips to rocks that you shouldn’t jump off of, but we do it anyway. Hey, you’re only young once.

9. Margaritas on a Friday Night


Me gusta beber margaritas con mis amigos. ¡Fiesta!

10.  Public Relations


I’m pretty blessed to enjoy what I study. I’m looking forward to being able to apply everything I’ve learned through school and jobs to my career in just a few short months.